About OTBEC Property Management

Real estate acquisition is the first step in the investing process. The real business of real estate begins with efficient property management systems. Tenants are filtered from the first phone call, through the application process, up until the, in-depth and thorough tenant move-in process. Our move-in process promotes clarity, personal responsibility and eliminates confusion. This is the OTBEC Property Management Inc's "No Brainer, Fail-Safe Fool-Proof System" for effective property management.

All prospective tenants are required to meet our minimum credit application scores in order to qualify for tenancy. This ensures that new tenants have the financial resources to live, work and play in their new accommodations that are within their means.

Every new tenant receives a Move-In Package containing over 30 documents. These documents are read out loud during a 60 minute orientation session. It covers all the bases and ensures that each and every tenant is familiar with the lease, the local Residential Tenancy Act, their rights and responsibilities, the landlord's rights and responsibilities, the consequences for breaching their agreement and instructions on how to end their tenancy.

We believe that communication is the key to effective management and happy tenancies. This is our ELITE quality standard that is mandated and implemented by our national team.